Homemade Facial Face Scrub

"Homemade Facial Face Scrub" Clean and smooth skin is everyone's dream  some time to get a smooth and clean skin we can do easily at home without having to leave the salon and incur huge costs . One of which we can use natural ingredients such as coffee, Cofeeee ??????
Yes cofee, you can use cofee for your beaty, coffee also has a lot of the benefit is good for health and beauty. Research has been conducted to identify them. Coffee contains caffeine which is very good for the skin . Coffee waste even coffee ( coffee grounds ) is used as an ingredient in a number of scrub / scrub to give a gentle effect on the skin . So that coffee has a good nutrition to protect the skin from sun damage and prevent damage to collagen or elastin substances that cause wrinkles on the skin . Caffeine is an alkaloid chemical compound known as trimetilsantin with molecular formula C8H10N4O2 . The amount of the caffeine content in coffee grounds is 1-1.5 %, which can act as vasorestrictor which means tighten and shrink the blood vessels . Coffee grounds are materials that are cheap and easily available and can be used for beauty.

How to Make Homemade Facial Face Scrub From Cofee

You should know that using natural mask the response that we feel can not instantly takes quite a long time so we need to be patient
Steps to make masks and natural scrub of coffee
  •  Take 2 tablespoons of black coffee and brewed with boiling water, Wait until lukewarm and separate the waste and water .
  •     Then smeared coffee grounds earlier to the whole face or body in a circular motion .
  •     Then let stand until dry and rinse with cold water , then dry with a soft towel to pat way do swabbed because the skin is still sensitive .
  •     If you want to add it with soybean powder mix coffee grounds earlier with 2 tablespoons of soy powder and give a little water to form a paste , and do scrup process and massages . You can chek this website Cara Membuat dan Manfaat masker kopi for other referensi but the original leanguange use bahasa

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